READY OIL LTD | ... a step beyond excellence

READY OIL Limited (“READY”) is an oil marketing and distribution company incorporated on 16th September 2009. We actively trade and market refined oil products including gas oil, gasoline, and LPG. We ensure that we add value to every aspect of our customers' businesses by participating in different aspects of the petroleum value chain. To date, we have been active in the areas of transportation, distribution, and retailing of petroleum products.


READY trades principally with Cirrus Oil Services, Fueltrade Limited, Maranatha Oil Services Ltd, Sage Distribution Limited, Petroleum Warehousing Limited, and other Bulk Oil Distribution Companies (BDCs) and deals in refined petroleum products.

Ready Oil Limited is registered to engage in the following activities


 Trading (Imports and Exports) in Crude Oil, Refined Petroleum Products, Petrochemical products and Natural gas.

 Marketing, Distribution and transportation of petroleum (haulage) products.

 Exploration, Production and Refining of Crude Oil.


READY was established with the aim of providing quality and efficient petroleum products and related products, particularly fuels, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), lubricants and specialty products as well as transporting petroleum products in Ghana.


Ready Oil Limited is a wholly owned Ghanaian Company registered with an Authorised Capital of 200,000 ordinary shares of no-par value and 200,000 shares have been issued for cash consideration of GH¢200,000.00.

Shareholding Structure NAME


Real Impact Energy Limited represented by Samuel K. Owusu-Manu