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high octane gasoline for higher performance

R-95 Plus is a high octane gasoline dosed with Xp3 as an additive with research octane number (RON) 95 which gives more power than the normal 91 octane super. This improves acceleration and drivability of cars performance. R-95 Plus is specifically designed to give more power and efficient performance of cars than the 91 octane gasoline R-95 plus contains an (XP3) additive which cleans carburetors and injectors of gasoline engines and prevents carbon deposits on the valves thereby enhancing responsiveness of gasoline powered engines.


R-95 plus ¡s designed to protect gasoline powered engines from corrosion. This prolongs engine life span and reduces maintenance cost. The XP3 additive ¡n R-95 Plus totally disperses water in gasoline 95. hence, ¡t takes care of vapour condensate in car fuel tanks.


saves money and more

  • Contains an Additive which
  • Improves fuel consumption Disperses water
  • Saves money Extends engine life
  • Cleans injectors Reduces carbon emissions
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saves money and engine

  • Has anti-foaming properties Reduces fuel consumption and

    that gives customers value for saves you money


  • Helps protect valuable engine parts and prolongs engine life thereby

  • Prevents carbon deposits that is a major cause of high fuel consumption